Sony sued for alleged PS5 chronic problem: Understand the case

Class action claims that the console has a defect in its functioning and that the company would be hiding it from consumers

Sony is being sued in a class action lawsuit filed by an Illinois resident. The accusation is that the company would have hidden a chronic defect of the PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) that impairs its functioning. According to the complainant, Christina Trejo, the console has a problem that causes it to constantly crash and shut down running current-generation games, that is, preventing its main function.

It’s not known how prominent the defect would be among consumers, but the lawsuit claims to be quite common, using user reviews on platforms like Amazon and Reddit as a base. If Sony is found guilty, it may have to pay damages and even fines to consumers.

The lawsuit claims that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) crash and shutdown issue is consistent and common, considering Amazon consumer reviews and Reddit social media reports as evidence. Some of the posts comment on the console turning off without warning during a game and, when restarting, displaying its traditional message that the game was not turned off properly and that this could corrupt data and cause damage to the device.

The problem seems to happen more often in PlayStation 5 (PS5) games, to the point that some users prefer to play PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) versions of games for backwards compatibility to avoid it.

According to Christina, Sony would be aware of the problem and still sell the PlayStation 5 (PS5) without warning consumers that they may be affected. Also according to the consumer, many might not buy the video game if they knew about the situation.

In the action, the request is for the company to pay damages to those affected and cover the payment of lawyers. An injunction is also requested so that Sony is prohibited from maintaining any practices deemed unfair or misleading in the process going forward.

It’s worth noting that Sony’s own support page lists some issues related to sudden console shutdown and states that video games that crash and shut down frequently can be fixed under warranty.

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