How to earn XP in Fortnite? See 8 tips to evolve in the game

Whether low or high XP, Fortnite offers several ways to level up the pass; see ways to evolve in the game

Fortnite is one of the top Battle Royale games on the market. Although it is free-to-play, the game has a battle pass system that greatly facilitates the player’s progress, which can receive better rewards, among other advantages. Anyway, the user needs to play to earn XP and thus level up and unlock items such as skins, emotes, among others. With that in mind, TechTudo has separated eight tips to help Fortnite players earn XP. It is worth remembering that the title is available for free for PC (via Epic Games Store ), PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch, in addition to Android and iPhone ( iOS ).

1. Complete the weekly missions

Every Thursday Fortnite players receive a new set of weekly quests. They are the “apple of the eye” for players, as each challenge guarantees 15,000 XP, and therefore, they are the most effective way to level up the battle pass. Weekly challenges can be as simple as fishing or finding a weapon, or more difficult like finding hidden items. Therefore, the tip is to always keep an eye on these opportunities so you don’t stop progressing in the week.

2. Complete Season, Character and Story Quests

Season Quests, as the name implies, are valid for the entire season, and each one the player completes will reward 5,000 XP. There are also character and story missions, which can have a limited time to do, or the most common, which is the duration until the end of the season. The rewards in this case are between 20,000 and 30,000 XP.

3. Don’t skip daily quests

While players focus on weekly tasks, daily quests should not be ignored. If a player completes all available options during all days of the season, they will be able to level up the equivalent of 42 Battle Pass levels. Here, it is worth noting that only the first three daily quests that the player completes are the most relevant, as each of them will give a bonus of 15,000 XP.

4. Don’t play alone

A more effective and fun way to earn XP in Fortnite is to play with more people, whether in a duo, trio or squad. That way, all progress made towards completing the weekly quests will be shared between players, regardless of whether they are friends or random people. The tip is very useful specifically for missions with more than one level, making it a much faster method of leveling up than playing solo.

5. Play Creative and Save the World modes

Save the World is the story-based campaign mode, which is available separately from Battle Royale. Currently, the mode can be purchased for R$ 50 as part of the King of Skate package, which brings other benefits besides a “heavy”: 600,000 XP per day. The Creative mode brings all kinds of experiences created by the players in the community, and is available to everyone. In mode, the daily limit (approximate) is 200,000 XP.

6. Do trivial things

While it’s a modest source of XP, doing mundane things is getting the most out of a Fortnite match. The player earns XP for opening chests (140 XP), ammo crates (100 XP), eliminating players (150 XP), for surviving a storm circle (140 XP), fishing (80 XP), and harvesting consumables like mushrooms and coconuts (25 XP). Discovering new landmarks, which are unfilled gray areas of the map, also yields between 1,000 and 4,000 XP.

7. Win a match (or at least be in the top 50)

Another way to get the most out of XP gain in a Fortnite match is to finish at least in the top 50. Placing in the top 50, 25 or 10 of the round, the player receives 80 XP. The same amount of XP is earned if the player wins the match, but with one difference: the winner receives a Crown of Victory. With it, all XP gain in the next match is increased.

8. Buy Battle Pass Levels

For players who don’t have the time to farm XP and can invest, one option to earn XP in Fortnite is to purchase Battle Pass Levels. In every season it is possible to buy up to 100 levels, where each one comes out at 150 V-Bucks.

The player will be able to select a level pack to buy in season, which in the long run is cheaper than buying individual levels. Another important point to consider is that if the player is buying levels for the first time in the season, he should never buy 12 to 24 levels.

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