Stray: see launch, gameplay and requirements of ‘Game of the Cat’

The title puts the player in the shoes of a stray cat in a cyberpunk city; see details and minimum requirements.

Stray , also known as “Cat Game”, is a third-person adventure game where players take control of a curious stray kitten in a cyberpunk city in decay, inhabited only by robots and dangerous creatures. Published by Annapurna Interactive , the game is the first project from small French studio BlueTwelve and will be available from July 19th for PC ( Steam ), PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) and PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ). The game also comes directly to PS Plus , as an offer to subscribers to the Extra and Deluxe plans.

During the development process, the team was concerned with looking for references and faithfully replicating the movements and mannerisms of a feline. Thanks to this, the game also takes advantage of the pet’s abilities for a more agile and vertical exploration of the scenery. Check out, in the following lines, all the gameplay details and minimum requirements of Stray.


According to the official synopsis, Stray tells the story of a stray kitten who ends up being separated from his family. Alone in a forgotten cybercity, he now needs to find his way back home and unlock the secrets of this place, inhabited only by robots.

On the way, the feline ends up befriending a small flying drone called the B-12. Thanks to him, the kitten is able to communicate with the cybernetic inhabitants and interact with the scenery in new ways. According to the development team, this is important to demonstrate some key points of the scenario and learn more about the characters’ past.


Stray will be available from July 19 on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles. It is worth noting that the new PlayStation Plus subscription plans, Extra and Deluxe, guarantee access to the game on the day of its launch. That way, as long as there’s a subscription in progress, members won’t need to buy the game separately. On computers, it will also be possible to buy through Valve ‘s Steam platform.


In control of a cat, it is to be expected that players can act as such, including actions such as: meowing, sharpening nails, dropping objects, stretching, purring, rubbing between the characters’ legs and even sleeping. There will even be achievements depending on how many times these actions are performed.

With the dangers lurking, sometimes you’ll have to take a stealthy stance to get through the challenges, hiding in boxes and running at the right moments. Thanks to the feline’s agility, it is also possible to lurk in the upper and lower corners of the city, revealing its secrets.

At least 80% of Stray’s team is made up of cat owners, which is why it was possible to faithfully replicate the cat’s actions. In a PlayStation Blog post in June, BlueTwelve also stated that creating an interactive cat was definitely the most complicated in the entire development process — which signals the effort put into this aspect of the game.


In preparation for launch, Annapurna has already updated Stray’s Steam page with the minimum and recommended requirements for playing on PC. Fortunately, the game doesn’t require a very powerful machine to run smoothly, at least compared to other major releases on the platform. See below:

Stray Requirements

SOWindows 10 (64-bits)Windows 10 (64-bits)
ProcessorIntel Core i5 2300 ou AMD FX 6350Intel Core i5 8400 ou AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Memory8 GB of RAM8 GB of RAM
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti, 2GB or AMD Radeon R7360,2GBNVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, 3 GB ou AMD Radeon R9 290X, 4 GB
DirectXVersion 12Version 12
Storage10 GB of available space10 GB of available space
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