Six Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Alexa

Virtual assistant has gained popularity in smart homes, but it’s not enough to just use it — it needs certain care. Here’s what not to do with your Alexa box.

Alexa has been gaining more and more space in the routine of Brazilians. With several models of smart speakers on the market and more affordable prices, Amazon ‘s virtual assistant is now compatible with various services and equipment already available in Brazil, such as TVs , lamps and other smart devices. As with all electronics, there are some precautions that must be followed to maintain the proper functioning and optimize the performance of the Amazon Echo , such as avoiding environments with liquids or places close to other sources of sound.

1. Leave it near the window

Keeping your Alexa close to windows or places where strangers can access it should be avoided. An unknown person can activate your virtual assistant and control your smart home, either by prank call or with some malice.

The ideal, therefore, is to position it in a place where only trusted people have access. That way, strangers will not have the opportunity to control you or access your personal data.

2. Keep away from Wi-Fi

If your Alexa can’t connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, she won’t be able to help you with the tasks you want. Check that the place chosen to install your equipment is covered with the wireless network signal and that it does not keep disconnecting; if this happens often, make sure it’s connected to your home’s 2.4 GHz network (which usually has a wider signal range).

If the problem is not resolved, check if there is a lot of unnecessary equipment connected to the network or even think if it is not time to switch to a more powerful router.

3. Allow contact with liquids

It might be interesting to leave your Alexa in a place such as the bathroom — so that she can, for example, be a bathing assistant for children or the elderly — or in the kitchen — so she can help with food preparation, dictating recipes or controlling smart appliances.

However, the Amazon Echo is not waterproof. Thus, it is very important that the virtual assistant stays away from any type of liquid, whether water or even kitchen sauces, in order not to damage your virtual assistant.

4. Keep it near the TV

This can make your voice difficult to understand due to the sounds produced by the TV. It can even happen that the device accidentally triggers the assistant through commercials that pronounce “Alexa” or similar words.

Echo Dot speakers have technology to hear “Alexa” even in the midst of noise. However, it is good to avoid environments with very loud sound so that its operation is not disturbed.

5. Placing two devices very close together

This isn’t technically an issue, but having two devices too close together can cause them to get confused to perform functions. You can for example ask your Alexa to change the TV channel and an Echo Dot without access to that TV may try to fulfill your request, without success.

Therefore, it is interesting to keep a considerable distance between the two devices.

6. Store it in bathrooms

Finally, we’ve already talked about avoiding places with liquids, but leaving your Alexa in a bathroom has another problem: no matter how clean you keep the place, the bathroom is always full of germs. If for whatever reason you need to install your Alexa in a bathroom, try to keep it away from toilets, bathtubs, showers, and laundry places.

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