Will you discard an old Kindle? Learn how to use Amazon recycling

Program allows you to properly dispose of Amazon devices, including Kindle and Echo with Alexa, without shipping costs; see how to participate

Amazon  offers  a program to recycle devices that carry your brand. Through it, you can send an  old Kindle , an  Echo speaker with Alexa  , and other devices back to the manufacturer without spending a dime. Next, find out how to properly dispose of the company’s products. 

Amazon’s recycling program is nothing new. The initiative aims to help in the correct disposal of products that have reached the end of their useful life. For this, the company offers a procedure to receive them free of charge, in order to encourage and facilitate the correct disposal of these devices.

The initiative aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the world. In case you’re not aware, it’s about all the devices, from cell phones to refrigerators, discarded by their owners. And worry is not in vain; after all, these products cause damage to the environment, even though some elements are biodegradable.

Therefore, it is always important to dispose of electronics correctly and consciously.

What devices can I discard?

According to the company, it is possible to send Amazon devices and “selected accessories”. Check out the list below: 

  • Kindle line devices;
  • Fire TV line devices;
  • Echo line devices;
  • Fire line tablets;
  • Fire line cell phones;
  • Dash Button ou Wand;
  • Layers for devices;
  • Accessories (chargers, cables, etc.).

The company, however, has a warning: “We do not accept loose batteries or devices with leaking or swollen batteries”. Amazon made other suggestions:

  1. “reset the device to factory settings to remove any personal content from the device;”
  2. “unregister the device from your account”.

The company also recommends taking a backup of the device before returning it to factory settings to dispose of it.

Do I need to pay to ship an Amazon device for recycling?

There is no need to pay to send a device for recycling. This is because Amazon covers the costs associated with shipping the item to be repurposed. On the other hand, you will need to take the product to a UPS unit to have it shipped to the company.

Does Amazon pay for devices sent for recycling?

No, Amazon does not offer credit or cash for products sent for recycling. The company’s only commitment in this regard is in relation to sending the packages with the devices that will be reused. In this case, the customer does not have to pay to ship them.

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