In a letter sent to Musk, the social network denies having breached the contract and demands “best efforts” from the billionaire to complete the transaction

Elon Musk no longer wants to buy Twitter , and the social network was not happy at all. In a letter sent to the billionaire, the company accuses him of having “knowingly” violated the agreement. The company denies having failed to comply with the agreement in the negotiation.

The letter was sent to Musk on Sunday (10) and registered with regulatory authorities on Monday (11). In it, Twitter’s lawyers demand that Musk and associates fulfill their obligations under the settlement, including using their “reasonable best efforts” to consummate the transaction.

Even with the warning, the company moves behind the scenes to sue the richest person in the world. According to sources heard by Reuters , a lawsuit could be filed later this week in the US state of Delaware.

Spam on the net is controversial

The uncertainty in the negotiation arose after Musk questioned the amount of bots, fakes and spam accounts on Twitter. The company claims they represent 5% of so-called active monetizable daily users. The businessman, however, believes that this number is much higher.

Analysts heard by the news agency believe that the company is at risk in a possible lawsuit against Musk. She could, for example, be required to reveal more internal data. This could harm its employees and shareholders.

If it is proven that the number of fake accounts represents a share greater than 5%, the purchase may cost less than the agreed amount.

Experts consulted by Reuters also consider that the company has strong arguments against Musk, but could come out with a renegotiation or a settlement and avoid a long battle in the courts.

Musk mocks process

On Monday (11), when the first news emerged about the possibility of Twitter going to court, Musk made a series of provocations on Twitter.

In one of the posts, he posted his own images laughing , along with text that suggests the company will be forced to reveal information about bots in court.

In another, more enigmatic one, he posted a photo of actor Chuck Norris — who became a meme in the 2000s with the “ Chuck Norris facts ” — playing chess with only one pawn.

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